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"Marvel doesn’t have any strong, cool female characters besides Black Widow in the MCU!"


"Marvel doesn’t have any strong, cool female characters besides Black Widow in the MCU!"

I get you’re upset Captain Marvel isn’t out yet, but say whaaaa? Don’t let your upset…upsetness…upsetosity? Upsetosity blind you to the facts.


Maria Hill (badass superspy who personally saved the asses of Captain America, Black Widow, AND Falcon by herself)


Sharon Carter (saw straight through Pierce’s BS and headlined the internal fight against HYDRA)


Peggy Carter (The first ever director of SHIELD, who’s so badass getting her own TV show despite never even having her own comic series or even being that big a character in the comics in general.)


Sif (Who’s essentially a non-copyright infringing Xena in the MCU, plus Jaime Alexander fell down a flight of stairs during filming Thor 2, broke essentially every bone in her back and recovered within a month. Tell me that’s not badass.)image

Skye (who’s a vaguely-defined metahuman with incredible hacking skills and presumably some kind of dormant Inhuman ability)


Jemma Simmons (brilliant scientist who was literally willing to kill herself to keep her friends from harm)


Melinda May (a SHIELD legend who’s just as skilled as Black Widow, is much older and kicks more ass than anyone else on the SHIELD team, Ward included)


Jessica Jones (who’s getting her own TV series, two if you count Defenders)


Mockingbird (who will be joining Agents of SHIELD this season)


I won’t count Rosario Dawson in Daredevil (even though I’m 80% certain she’s playing Elektra) since technically her role hasn’t been announced yet.


"Yes," said Eustace, "and whenever you’ve tried to get her to come and talk about Narnia or do anything about Narnia, she says ‘What wonderful memories you have! Fancy you still thinking about all those funny games we used to play when we were children.’ "

"Oh Susan!" said Jill. "She’s interested in nothing nowadays except nylons and lipstick and invitations. She always was a jolly sight too keen on being grow-up."

"Grown-up, indeed," said the Lady Polly. "I wish she would grow up. She wasted all her school time wanting to be the age she is now, and she’ll waste all the rest of her life trying to stay that age. Her whole idea is to race on to the silliest time of one’s life as quick as she can and then stop there as long as she can."

"Well, let’s not talk about that now," said Peter.






Hey, White America, You Need To Hear What These Ferguson Kids Have To Say

In a new video from social justice-oriented T-shirt company FCKH8, several Ferguson children lampoon the excuses white people give to avoid getting involved in ending discrimination in America and deliver a call to action to stomp out racism.

Watch the full video and see these kids explain how racism is still a huge part of even getting an interview for a job.



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Norman Reedus and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day [x]

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